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Animal Communication

Distant or In Person

Most of us that have animals are able to communicate with them by learning and watching their behaviour. We are able to read their body language and respond to it.

Animal Communication is about deepening our understanding and having direct communication with them through ‘telepathy’. Telepathy is an exchange of pictures, thoughts, words, emotions and feelings between the animal communicator and animal.

Animals that are domesticated or living in the wild communicate regularly through telepathy and that is used as one of the most basic forms of communication. Humans rely heavily on verbal communication and as we become adults, we slowly forget how to use our telepathic skills.

Animal Communicator Simonne Lee uses her ability to aid people and animals understand each other on a deeper level allowing for healing, growth and compromise that creates and maintains harmony in the home environment.

Ever Wonder

Why your dog knows when he/she is going to get a bath and hides somewhere, even though you have spelt the word BATH out loud?

Your cat gets upset a few days prior to you going away for business or pleasure?

Why one of your animals always tends to dislike one particular member of your family, yet intuitively gravitates towards another?

The answer is through telepathy.

How it works

Simonne uses 2 methods to communicate with animals (deceased, wild or domesticated animal).

  1. Is in person, you bring your animal in and have a series of questions that you would like answered. Some examples are: Is he/she happy where she is living? How does their body feel, any pain? Why do they keep barking all the time? Do they like the other animals in the house? He/she is very anti social, why is that? They have stopped eating their food, why? Why are they so anxious all the time? Why is it difficult to toilet train them?

  2. Is via email/mail. A photo is sent to Simonne and she is able to link into your animal immediately and answer your questions either by email or phone (Owner will call Simonne at a specified time).

  3. Special Appearances STORES/EXPO’s/PARTIES/CHARITIES etc

When Simonne asks an animal certain questions, she receives pictures from them (like a movie in your mind), feelings (she will feel emotions and if there is pain, she will feel it kinaesthetically in the area of her body where the animal is feeling it) and thoughts (she will hear their thoughts in her mind).

Each animal has their own distinct personality and as Simonne and animal are communicating, this starts to come through clearly and owners usually have no doubt that Simonne is actually speaking to their animal. Coming to an agreement between owner and animal for what is expected between each other is an amazing opportunity for a deeper understanding and appreciation of one another, a deeper connection between animal, owner and the environment.

Healing and Distant Healing

Telepathy is not restricted to time or space, so Simonne is able to do long distance healing to any location or in person as part of the consultation. Simonne is able to body scan your animal and send healing to where it is needed, through Reiki or other modalities. The best part of healing for your animal is that they feel it instantly.
• Calms their nervous system
• Relieves anxiety
• Helps with digestion

Consultation Fees

$120 In person (within 20km Rose Bay, Sydney or travel time will be added) max 3 pets 

$85   Via Skype 45min

$85   Via email (up to 7 questions)

$20   Additional pets (max 3 + 3 additional questions in total for each)

Special Appearances please enquire


“I didn’t think that what you claimed to do could ever be possible, but the results speak for themselves. You told me things that you couldn’t possibly have known about me, and the suggestions you put forward are still working very well. Thank you so much Simonne”

- Jack, Baulkham Hills, Age 62

“Thank you for making me see that I was actually responsible for my dog’s bad behaviour. I had no idea that my behaviour towards Benji was inconsistent and was causing him to feel confused with the mixed signals he was receiving.”

- Joy, Sutherland, Age 37

“You’re just a breath of fresh air Simonne. I was mortified initially when Molly peed all over you, but your kindness and graciousness made both Molly and I feel at ease around you. Thank you for telling me what she told you about her previous owners. I now understand why she gets nervous in certain circumstances and have taken measures to stop this from happening around her environment again.”

- Layla, Vaucluse, Age 45

“Wow Simonne! Animals get attached to people as well don’t they? I had no idea that I wasn’t the only one pining after my ex girlfriend since our break up. It seems my 4 legged Alaskan beauty misses her just as much. Her aggressive behaviour since Lynn and I split up all makes sense now. You were right, a new companion is exactly what she (and probably I) needed. I seem to be getting more attention from girls in the park when I take them both out so who knows, maybe I’ll also have a new companion soon!”

- John, Manly, Age 32

“Thank you so much for your kindness about my situation Simonne. So many of my friends thought that I was crazy to try and establish contact with my dead dog, but he’d been my sole companion for years. The circumstances relating to how he died were so tragic that I needed to be sure he was alright. I’m so glad he’s found my husband in heaven and I feel more settled now knowing that they’re together. Bless you.”

- Margaret, Port Stephens, Age 67

“Wow! The house is almost eerily quiet these days. Foxy and Cleo get along so well that the concept of fighting like cats and dogs seems very alien to us now. They even snuggle up together when they sleep and even share the same food bowl now!”

- Jo, Glenmore Park, Age 35


Simonne Lee
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